Across the Divide 106 x 76cm.png
Little Things 2.jpg
Ascending 71 x 78cm.png
Autumn Winds 69 x 117cm.png
Beach Life 51 x 56cm.png
Borough Market 55 x 90cm.png
coastal warrior.png
Collected Forms 61 x 61cm.png
Corridor of Power 71 x 78cm.png
 Coming into Land
feel the sun .png
ferry across the water.png
Floating Space 94 x 115cm.png
FLotsam 51 x 49cm.png
Fractured 104 x 82cm.png
harbour bright lights.png
Harbour Greys 51 x 49cm.png
Healing Thoughts 88 x 93cm.png
Illuminated 44 x 52cm.png
In Search of Inner Space 87 x 92cm.png
Interwoven 118 x 91cm.png
into the unknown 82 x 63cm.png
marina 52 x 72cm.png
market music 55 x 90cm.png
Moored Alongside 85 x 73cm.png
Moored Up 106 x 76cm.png
Navigation 94 x 115cm.png
night sailing 70 x 60cm.png
over the bridge 34 x 38cm.png
Patheway 44 x 52cm.png
 Soft Light
released 52 x 72cm.png
 Morning Breeze
Safe Haven 51 x 49cm.png
Sailing Away 103 x 120cm.png
sea edge 87 x 87cm.png
Seaward 94 x 115cm.png
Shadow Line 44 x 52cm.png
Silent Spaces 44 x 52cm.png
split performance.png
stained glass facade 59 x 78cm.png
striking balance 98 x 85cm.png
Swell 42 x 88cm.png
Thames Fleet 94 x 115cm.png
 Rocked by the Waves
Seated Figure.JPG
the new passage 52 x 72cm.png
The Other Borough Market 55 x 90cm.png
The Power of Place 88 x 115cm.png
Variation on a theme 129 x 122cm.png
 Shedding Identities
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