approach 69 x69 .png
arrival 69 x 69cm.png
Brief transit 70 x70cm.png
Chasm 110 x 127cm.png
Dead Wood 78 x 68cm.png
entrance 69 x 69cm.png
everlasting motion 70 x 70cm.png
forgotten byways 28 x35cm.png
Fringes of power 46 x 36cm oil on board.png
Heart and Soul 83 x69cm.png
Inncoming Tide 52 x 52cm.png
Language of Sense 68 x 68cm.png
motion 69 x 69cm.png
murmuring trees 44 x 55cm.png
night navigation 58x58cm.png
quayside 44 x 60cm.png
Sanctum 30 x 25cm oil on board.png
scenic beauty 29 x 35cm.png
something in the air 67 x 67cm.png
The Empty Forms 68x68cm.png
The Gathering .png
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